Braces Treatment by a Specialist Dentist!
You can be assured that your brace treatment will be provided by a Specialist Orthodontic dentist. Specialists have met certain requirements and been given the right by the GDC to use the title 'specialist'.
Dental Phobia Registered
Thousands of people all over the world suffer from some degree of dental phobia or anxiety. If you are one of them you will be pleased to know that R Smiles is a dental phobia registered practice..
Student Discount
We offer a 10% discount to all students on all dental treatments! No forms to be completed - simply present a valid student card and get your 10% discount!


Welcome to R Smiles We are a Dental & Cosmetic Surgery based in 35 Rodney Street, the heart of Liverpool and the Harley Street of the North.



Our expertise is in delivering beautiful healthy smiles and making our patients happy through our wide range of dental and cosmetic treatments available.


We pride ourselves on offering a first class service to each and every customer. All our treatments are provided in a relaxed and stress-free environment.


We offer Cosmetic and Restorative dental treatments that include Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Implants, Whitening.


With our specialist Orthodontist Dentist we offer Brace treatments through a variety of different brace systems and retainers that will transform your smile.


We are Dental Phobia registered and operate a regular Sedation Clinic for nervous patients.


Our Facial Cosmetic and Aesthetic treatments include Fillers and Botox and they will make you feel and look wonderful.


dental-phobia-logoMany adults are terrified of visiting the dentist. Dental anxiety ranges from mild uneasiness (experienced by many of us), to acute anxiety/panic attacks. If you are one of the many who suffer from dental phobia, you can be assured that R Smiles is a Dental Phobia Certified Practice, with vast experience of ensuring your comfort during dental treatment…. More

Dr Krisztina had a very calm approach to my appointment. She explained the treatment to be done, and at each time I showed a nervous point, she stopped and let me take a breath. She is the perfect dentist if you are scared of dental treatment.

Kevin Midgley on 25-03-2016

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A very welcoming environment (because of the friendly staff), and  I was incredibly pleased with the work and the cost.  I will surely recommend R Smiles to others.

Helen(had a botox treatment)

You cannot possibly know how wonderful it feels to finally smile and have the most gorgeously structured teeth I could ever have imagined and to have family, friends and complete strangers tell me how lovely my smile is.

Cathy(had a 8-unit upper bridge)

I am very happy with the treatment I have received from R Smiles. It was very quick and if I’d have known that it was going to be that easy I would have done it years ago. All the dentists and staff were lovely, I am made up.

Denton(had one implant and a porcelain crown)