Braces For Children

8 is too late!

There’s no fixed age at which a child should or should not have orthodontic treatment (known as ‘interceptive orthodontics’ in children). It could begin as early as age 6 or 7. At this young age, when teeth are still developing and jaws are still growing, it can be easier to address certain issues like overcrowding.


Leave it later, and it may be more difficult to correct problems and/or could mean more invasive treatment.


When are the benefits of braces for children?

Early treatment can have lots of advantages. Here are just some of them:


    • The permanent teeth will have a better chance of developing normally


    • We can correct habits that might be causing problems. Thumb sucking or tongue pushing, for example, can affect the way your child’s teeth develop.


    • Braces for children can correct bite problems


    • We can guide the growth of the jaws to accommodate emerging teeth


    • Braces for children can lower the risk of damage to any protruding teeth


    • Improve your child’s smile/appearance – and their self-esteem and confidence


  • Reduce the need for future, and possibly more invasive, dental treatment


How long will my child need to wear braces?


We create individual, custom made orthodontics for every child and the exact length of time they’ll need to wear their braces varies in every case. In general, though:


    • Your child will wear removable braces for 14-18 hours per day – including the time they’re asleep


    • They will need to take their removable braces out for eating, drinking, brushing and taking part in sport


  • Usually your child will wear one appliance for 1 year. Sometimes they may need more than one appliance.


Will early treatment help in all cases?


Not in all cases, and where early orthodontic treatment would not be appropriate we would recommend alternative treatment.

How do you clean teeth and care for orthodontics?


    • If your child is wearing removable braces, they’ll need to remove the orthodontics to eat and clean their teeth, which they should do by brushing twice a day, as normal.


    • Whenever your child is not wearing his/her braces, make sure they’re carefully stored in their container. Braces for children are fragile and can break easily.


  • If your child is wearing fixed braces, we’ll advise you on the best way to clean teeth and orthodontics when you visit our Liverpool dental practice.


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