Clear Invisible Braces

The treatment no-one will know you’re having

One big advantage of the growth in the numbers of children and adults wearing teeth braces is that they are no longer something to feel self-conscious about.


We know, though, that you may still prefer to keep your orthodontics low key, and that’s when clear or ‘invisible’ braces make the perfect choice.


Clear braces are a series of removable aligners that work in the same way as traditional braces, but because they’re clear the only people who’ll know you’ve had them fitted will be those you tell. Because they’re removable (rather than fixed) you can take them out for cleaning, flossing, sport etc.

Can everyone wear clear braces?

Invisible braces are great if you have minor alignment problems and feel self- conscious about being seen with traditional braces. If, however, you need fixed braces or have more significant alignment issues, clear braces may not be right for you. We’ll discuss this with you when you visit our Liverpool dental practice.

How will you fit my clear braces?

We take moulds of your teeth and use them to create clear plastic aligners which are a perfect match for your teeth. You’ll wear each set of aligners for a few weeks until your teeth have shifted position. We’ll repeat the process until your teeth have reached the desired location.

What does wearing invisible braces feel like?

Like a retainer, you’ll find no protruding wires or brackets in clear/invisible teeth braces. You might feel a little discomfort when you wear new braces for the first time, but this should vanish quickly and you shouldn’t feel any irritation afterwards.

How do I look after my invisible braces?

You’ll need to remove your invisible braces for eating and drinking, and keep them clean by brushing twice a day.


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