The Importance of Root Canal Treatment. What you Need to Know.

September 25, 2017


What is Root Canal Treatment?
Root canal treatment is necessary when the living tissue inside the tooth, called the pulp, becomes inflamed or infected. This tissue contains the nerves and blood supply to the tooth and may become damaged or infected by deep decay, trauma or cracks in the tooth.

Does it hurt?
This treatment is done under local anaesthesia so it is a pain free procedure.

What does the treatment involve?
The treatment involves the removal of the inflamed or infected tissue, cleaning, disinfection and sealing of the root canals to prevent future infection.

How long does it take?
The treatment usually takes up to 2 hours and it can be done in one long session or two shorter appointments. This is due to the complexity of the procedure.

What is the alternative to root canal?
The alternative of root canal is the extraction of the infected tooth. Left untreated, loss of teeth can result in the adjacent teeth movement that can cause difficulty whilst eating, food traps and it destabilises the bite.

What other treatment is required on a root filled teeth?
A filling or a crown is required to provide the support needed for the lost tooth structure, preventing breakage and sealing the tooth against bacteria from the mouth.

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